At Texas Cowboy Travel vacation planning is more than just a job; It’s a passion! One of my most favorite things to do is put together unique vacation packages for my clients. Our specialties are Western/Ranch, Luxury, Adventure and Gay and Lesbian couples vacation packages. Some of my favorite destinations are Santa Fe – New Mexico, Greenough – Montana, Rome – Italy, The Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu – Peru and Leipzig – Germany, just to name a few. With our resources we can design a vacation package that suites your specific needs, whether it’s an exotic destination or just a relaxing beach vacation. Everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation is different, so shouldn’t the itinerary reflect the person?

That is what we love to do! When we begin planning your vacation package, we will ask lots of questions so we can find out exactly your idea of the perfect vacation. It might be doing nothing but lying on a beach, to a hiking trip through a jungle, to running a marathon or spending time with family at a luxury resort. The possibilities are endless.

Once we know exactly what you like and don’t like, we can then match you to the correct vendor to build your personal vacation package from the ground up We take care of all the details, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy. We take our job very seriously, so we monitor your trip from start to finish, and ensure that everything is as perfect as possible. Now don’t get me wrong, things happen sometimes that disrupt your vacation that are beyond anyone’s control, but when they do, we are committed to fixing them to the best of our ability. Our job is to remove the burden of “how to fix the problem” off of your shoulders and in to our hands. Nothing is worse than having a problem occur on your vacation where you spend more time trying to fix things than you do relaxing. Sometimes it means paying a little more, to ensure that you have the right vendors that have the most resources to give you the options of flexibility when such problems arise.

For example, I had a customer who booked a vacation package through me that insisted on using a cheaper and smaller airline to save money. It of course ended up being a disaster. The airline only had one flight in and out of their destination, and when the plane broke down, there were no options to get them to their destination. The customer ended up having to pay twice what the original cost of the vacation package to move to a larger airline, when if they would have chosen it in the first place, no interruptions would have occurred. When they got back home the first thing they told me was. “Kyle you were right, I should have never insisted on the cheaper flight and you warned me that it was a risky idea.” So a cheaper vacation package does not always equate to a good vacation. At the same time that does not mean I don’t try to find you the best options at the lowest cost. Working within your budget is also one of my top priorities. I always recommend vacation protection insurance to my clients because you never know what might happen. Someone may fall ill, or a storm may prevent you from reaching your destination, or God forbid a death in the family. If something happens, vacation protection insurance will make sure you never loose your money if you have to cancel. It also covers a wide range of things including reimbursement for damaged bags, medical assistance when out of the country, hotel reimbursement when a trip is delayed and much more. The only type insurance I offer my clients is “Cancel for any reason” policies to ensure every reason to cancel is covered.

You will notice under the leisure travel promotions that it reflects the niche markets that are most important to me and many of my clients. If you don’t see something that catches your eye, that does not mean I can’t find exactly what you are looking for. I can and will. Some of my favorite Tour operators that I use and recommend are G Adventures, Brand G, Isram World, Funjet vacations and Blue Sky tours are my top five because of the ability to completely customize each vacation package.

They also are 5 of the top rated tour operators because of their commitment to excellence and also for the large range of destinations they offer. These operators provide the customer with such a wade range of options that can fit almost any budget and at the same time never scrimp on quality. For my LGBT clients, G adventures, Brand G and Outquest Global Adventures are three of my favorite vendors. Everything about them is unique and they are always thinking “Outside the box” and inventing new ways to turn a vacation into a life changing adventure.

Note: the fee for Custom Itineraries is $250.00 up front and is non refundable but will be applied to any completed bookings