Kyle Mistrot

Kyle Mistrot
President/Owner Manager
(469) 464-1006

Kyle L Mistrot, President/Owner Manager,

Your Western (Luxury Ranch Vacations), Luxury, Adventure and LGBT Couples travel specialist

Kyle has over 13 years experience in the Travel Industry as both a Corporate and Leisure specialist and is used to being very hands-on. Customer Service is his top priority and making sure the clients' needs and wants are met to their satisfaction.

Kyle says:

Let me tell you a bit about the passion that drives me and why you should take advantage of the travel services I provide. To do that I need to give you some of my background, bear with me.

I started in the travel industry in 1999 as a corporate travel agent serving both small and very large corporations. The agency where I worked specialized in the “most demanding travelers” and we were responsible for managing every aspect of their trips. We provided travel support 24/7, monitored flights closely and prided ourselves because most of the time if a problem arose, we had already fixed it even before the traveler was even aware that a problem existed. This helped make us one of top leaders in the travel industry because of our attention to detail and our top customer service.

I learned a great deal about customer service and how to resolve all types of complicated travel related issues, and I never forgot the important lessons learned. We were always looking out for the customer to make sure they earned the maximum miles and points to insure that they got the perks that make frequent traveling tolerable.

In the years that followed, I started to branch out into the Leisure travel side of the business as well.

There were three niche market areas that were a passion of mine from the beginning. In my youth, I worked on a cattle ranch and have a great love of horses and the west in general. I was fortunate later to be able to travel a lot and started to do amateur rodeo until an injury required me to stop.

I discovered the LGBT rodeo circuit and started working as a rodeo hand for the various associations. So when I started in the Leisure side of the business, I gravitated to the very specific niche markets for Western (Luxury Ranch Vacations), Luxury, Adventure and LGBT Couples travel.

They may not be travel categories you think of first, but they are my true passions still to this day! I love to find unique vacation ideas in all three of these areas. Of course, I still do the vacation packages to the Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, etc… that are always popular, but what I truly love is doing something very different from the every day vacations.

The western vacations were one of my favorites as I traveled to many working ranches across the United States to find the best ones my clients would enjoy visiting. I also had a number of customers that were looking for vacations that would challenge them physically, or were looking for going somewhere off the beaten path. I love a challenge, so this was another love of mine.

Then there was the LGBT couples travel. I quickly discovered that there was a ton of vacation options for LGBT Singles, but very little couples options, so I started putting together vacation packages specifically for LGBT couples. Finding LGBT couples friendly destinations was a bit of a challenge at first but things are much easier now.

Western Vacations

Western, Adventure and LGBT Couples Travel

In June of 2009, I had the opportunity to start my own business which allowed me to focus on the areas of Travel that truly inspire me to excellence. Texas Cowboy Travel was born, and every day is a new adventure for me. I truly love what I do, and my customers benefit from my expertise, so it’s a win-win situation.

So in today’s technology age where it is so easy to book your own travel, you may be asking: why do I need a Travel Agent?

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