Kyle has helped us book travel for a variety of reasons from vacations to family emergencies. And he doesn’t just book the trip and stop there. When we had mechanical problems and our flight to Mexico was rescheduled from 7:30am to 4pm, we called Kyle at 6 in the morning and he got us rebooked on another airline within a couple of hours. When my father in law was very ill and we were trying to get across the country in time to say goodbye, Kyle arranged all of the flights immediately, including the rental car when we got there. We had to change our flights several times while we were there, as the funeral date changed, and Kyle took care of that and extending the rental car so that we could focus on the important things. My husband’s family came to Texas for Christmas and Kyle booked the trip for them. While they were here, my mother in law became ill and they had to extend their stay. Once again, Kyle rescheduled everything for us, and got the change fee waived. It’s obvious to me that Kyle truly cares about his clients. I refer my friends to him regularly.