Kyle planned our honeymoon to Italy in May of 2016. We flew into Venice, took a train to Florence then another train to the Amalfi coast, all over the course of 12 days, including travel time. Everything about our trip was absolute perfection! We had walking tours, a biking tour, a cooking class where we learned how to make homemade pasta, a three-course meal at an incredible local restaurant, so many fun excursions. Having it all planned out and paid for ahead of time made the trip stress-free and easy-going, though he had still figured in a few days with nothing planned for wandering around the city at our own pace. The only hiccup was when the airline lost our checked bag and we, for SOME reason, waited until over two days had passed before we filled Kyle in on what was going on. Within 12 hours our bag was being delivered to our room, and when we went to our next hotel there were chocolates waiting in the room for us with a little note from Kyle saying he was sorry for the mishap when it wasn’t even his fault. When I first initiated contact with Kyle I gave him a very basic overview of what we were wanting to do while we were in Italy, basically just what cities we wanted to visit, and Kyle planned the entire trip, did everything else for us. He anticipated our wishes with ease, when we wanted to change a date around he fixed it with no issue, he made everything so simple and uncomplicated we can’t wait to use him for our next trip!